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2008R2 NTFS Permissions

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  • 2008R2 NTFS Permissions

    I'm having some trouble with NTFS permissions in 2008 R2 and would appreciate some help.

    First: Does UAC have any effect on NTFS ACLs?

    Second: Is there a way to get rid of the new "extra layer" where I have to click 'Properties/Security/EDIT' before I can change the ACL? I can't believe they added another button... sigh..

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    Re: 2008R2 NTFS Permissions

    UAC is simply there as an additional safeguard, as I'm sure you're aware.

    It does not have any effect on ACL's.

    As far as I'm aware there is no way to get round the extra click required to edit security permissions - that's the way it was designed. However, I could be wrong....

    But - once you've set your permissions, you'll rarely need to edit them. Are you having to edit many sets of permissions?
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