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  • Resource Kit Tools and Support Tools

    Does Windows Server 2008 R2 include the tools from the above? Or is there a similar download available? Things like SUBINACL are invaluable and I now don't know where to get it...

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    Re: Resource Kit Tools and Support Tools

    This is the best I could find.

    HOWEVER, for some reason I do have a file called Server 2008 R2 Resource Kit. Buggered if I can find where I got it from but it is only about 4MB and SUBINACL is not one of the tools in the file.

    PM me for more info.
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      Re: Resource Kit Tools and Support Tools

      I noticed that some support tools install with the Role. When you select the role in Server Manager to view the role home page, there are a number of links on the right. They certainly have numerous tools there for AD DS role alone.


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        Re: Resource Kit Tools and Support Tools

        Subincacl isn't updated since 2004 I believe, so you could test the tools on W2k8R2.
        Depending on the use of Subincacl you might also review this KB:
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          Re: Resource Kit Tools and Support Tools

          Only a small number of old tools from the Win 2003 rk work on 2008, Replmon will work on 2008. Some are included with 2008.

          For more tools, incl Subinacl try:

          Sysinternal tools:


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            Re: Resource Kit Tools and Support Tools

            Replmon may work but it's unsupported, in fact I only found out recently that pretty much all of the 2K3 support tools were unsupported even though MS support often asked for them to be installed. Apparently some guy in product support wrote them and it somehow expanded into a downloadable package.

            Much of the old resource kit, support tools and the winternals and sysinternals tools are now part of MDOP, but it's not available for free.
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