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RRAS on 2008R2 can't use DHCP

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  • RRAS on 2008R2 can't use DHCP

    I'll first maybe have to explain a bit more of my problem.
    1st VM, DC/DNS on, 2008R2, has access to Internet via as default gateway
    2nd VM, RRAS have 2 adapters, one external and one internal on, 2008R2. If I disable external adapter for testing purposes, I can also reach Internet with internal NIC and as default gateway

    I first set up a DHCP on DC/DNS, and when I try to connect to RRAS's external adapter, I'm getting error 720

    I migrated then DHCP to RRAS server, same error

    When I set up static pool on RRAS, I can connect, get IP from range I selected (.100-250) but can't access Internet. Running ipconfig /all lists all the accurate data (IP from static pool range, as default gateway and as DNS)

    When I turn off to use default gateway from remote network, I can access Internet with that VPN connection.

    DHCP is not needed on the subnet, so I can use static pool, but I would like to use default gateway from remote newtork ( and not the one from my Internet connection.