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dfs replication -hardware&performance

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  • dfs replication -hardware&performance

    I guess in an ideal world hardware would match.
    The environment is win2008R2 on servers and "win 7" and XP on clients (soon to be all "win 7")
    We need a cheap and cheerful fallover system. Currently we supply users home drives on a 1TB drive comprised of 15K SAS disks (raid 10).
    The drive is backed up to tape each week, and a "robocopy" is done each night to make a "mirror" of the drive at a remote site.

    However after a hardware fault on the server, the powers that be, now want me to look at fallover solutions. The budget available comes nowhere close to emulating the specs of the drive. I do have a spare array of SATA drives I could use for replication.

    Will there be any degradation in performance by implementing DFS replication with one of the servers being on SATA?
    This "SATA server" will be on a fast link, but it will be slower than the SAS server. So I need the SATA server only to be used on the very rare circumstances that the SAS is offline (perhaps while it is being patched?).