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Only 08' DNS server in domain wont connect to other 03' DNS servers.

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  • Only 08' DNS server in domain wont connect to other 03' DNS servers.

    I have successfully installed my first 2008 R2 DC into my network. It seems to be working fairly well with a couple of minor exceptions. Replication of the AD looks good, I can add users and OUs and they rep across to my other 2- 2003 DCs. On the 08 box I can manually add and delete DNS entries and those update to my other 2- 2003 DNS servers, but my issue is that while on my 2008 box, I open the DNS Snap-in and try to connect to either of my 2003 DNS boxes for remote management and it wont let me.

    I get an error stating: " The computer you tried to add in not a DNS server running Windows 2000 or later. This version of the DNS console......" (I'll spare the rest and just attache the error box.)

    Another thing is on the 2008 box under computer management I cannot connect to other servers or PCs on the network regardless of remote OS. This new 08 R2 AD server is the only box on the network w/ this issue. Any ideas?

    This is a single domain/forest environment. I had plans of retiring one of the 03" DCs after 2008 was up and running smooth. There are no weird errors in the even logs of any DCs relating to DNS or other AD stuff. Again, the network and DCs seem to be running fine.

    Initial warning while trying to connect to 03' DNS

    State of remote connection when "connected" to remote 03' DNS: