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Multiple 2008 R2 servers and strange DNS issues

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  • Multiple 2008 R2 servers and strange DNS issues


    We have a WAN with three sites. Each site has a new 2008 R2 DC, and each one is running DNS. This is a single domain and the zone is AD integrated.

    We have two strange things going on:

    1. Old computer names are showing up in DNS. We formatted (reimaged) every computer at each site a couple months ago and renamed them, but somehow these records continue to show in DNS. I've deleted them manually but they reappear. Could I be deleting them from one DNS server only to have another DNS server replicate over my deletions? There are some old, demoted DC's that are now acting as file/print and DHCP servers, for what its worth.

    2. We are getting records in DNS that have duplicate IP addresses. I've changed scavenging (both server level and zone level) down to 1 day, just to see if the records will be deleted. I have yet to see the results though.

    I've been over each server but can't find anything out of the ordinary. Do I have to make one of the servers a "primary"?

    \EDIT: I just noticed that each server is using itself as the Start of Authority. Should they all be using the same server for SOA?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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