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lab dfs problem,target folder from 2nd server not showing

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  • lab dfs problem,target folder from 2nd server not showing

    I have a domain naubahi7.local

    dc1 is domain controller and namespace server. dc1 has shared folder data1 and this shared folder has text file data1

    fs1 is fileserver having shared folder data2 and this shared folder have text file data2 ,fs1 has dfs role but not config done

    after adding dfs to dc1 on dc1 I created a new name space mydata so it looks like \\naubahi7.local\mydata on dc1

    right clicked namespace and add new folder give name data

    add folder target to data as \\dc1\data1 and \\fs1\data2

    Now the problem

    when I from a win7 client access this domain based dfs as \\naubahi7\mydata

    it shows the data folder, but in this data folder,only the data1 text file shows up, the second target from fs1 which was data2 folder,having data2 text file,does not show up. Why is that?

    upto this time,I didnot configure replication of data folder. As per my understanding just for accesing dfs, I donot need replication of dfs. But I later also right clicked data folder and choose set up replicate folder data. this also does not work.

    Please help,what I am doing wrong, why data2 from fs1 server is not showing when I access dfs.
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    Re: lab dfs problem,target folder from 2nd server not showing

    Without replication setup, the client will only get access to the files on whichever server they're connecting to.

    Setup replication for the folders and point the namespace to the replicated folders.

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