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Remote Access-VPN DNS issue

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  • Remote Access-VPN DNS issue

    I have setup Remote Access VPN to the Server (2008 R2). The VPN connects fine and I can access things by IP but not DNS

    Is there a specific setting the the NPS that I need to set?


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    Re: Remote Access-VPN DNS issue

    If you are on a non-domain machine connecting through VPN then the primary DNS suffix is missing, so you'll need an FQDN to connect via DNS.

    If that's not the issue, we need more info about your setup.
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      Re: Remote Access-VPN DNS issue

      So what do I need to change to allow them to have DNS for inside the domain over the VPN? I am testing from a workgroup (home) PC to the AD domain.
      Also, can you setup remote access VPN to allow for Internet access while connected? I know split tunnel is discouraged but how would one set this up?

      Thanks for your assistance.


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        Re: Remote Access-VPN DNS issue

        Your VPN users need to edit the LMHOSTS.SAM file located at C:\Windows|System32\Drivers\Etc on their machines

        The format needs to be:

        # Company Name lmhosts file

        <IP of Domain Controller> <DCName> #PRE #DOM:<Domain name>
        <IpAddress of server> <Servername>

        and save the file as LMHOSTS without an extension.

        So, if your domain was called Strange.local (or whatever), your DC was called BigFoot and had an IP address of and your data servers to which you want your VPN users to connect to was, 3 etc and named Yeti and Sasquatch:
 BigFoot #PRE #DOM:Strange Yeti Sasquatch

        Instructions are located in the LMHOSTS.SAM(ple) file.
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