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Windows 7 client accesing Domain network share

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  • Windows 7 client accesing Domain network share

    This is more of a issue that we have solved, but had trouble finding anything related so we want to post it and maybe keep someone from spending as much time on it.

    We had a Windows 7 client that could access network shares without issue. On a certain share it was able to read all subdirectories, but when it went down a lower level of subfolders that were newly created (starting that day) it could not write to the new ones. The evening before the user changed their domain password and that morning the client's machine had a motherboard replaced.

    All other users were able to write to those directories. We verified it was not related to the user, as they logged into another computer and were able to write to the new directories. We tried dropping/adding the computer from the domain and also logging onto a specific Domain Controller, verified permissions on the folders/shares.

    We thought it might be a NIC's MAC address issue, but could not be sure. We also tried the wireless adapter and still no go.

    What we ended up doing was updating the NIC drivers. While the current ones were only a couple months old, there were newer ones available. This was on the thought of it being the NIC, but not sure what part of the driver installed had fixed out issue. Things were working normally after the new drivers were installed.

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    Re: Windows 7 client accesing Domain network share

    Is anyone able to give a reason as to *why*?


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      Re: Windows 7 client accesing Domain network share

      Could be that the old drivers were conflicting with some networking services on the local workstation!