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Spliting fsmo roles

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  • Spliting fsmo roles

    I have two domain controllers, both windows 2008 standard, 64 bit.

    i want to split the fsmo roles properly, so if I have to reboot one ad I'll be ok on the network.

    any suggestions?

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    Re: Spliting fsmo roles

    If both DC's are DNS servers too then make sure all client and member servers are configured with both DNS servers.

    The FSMO roles won't affect operations on the clients and member servers. The FSMO roles are only to support AD configuration and administration.

    So as long as you only have one domain then you can put the FSMO roles on any DC you want and it won't really matter. If you have multiple domains and/or many sites then we can talk about the best placement of the FSMO roles.

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      Re: Spliting fsmo roles

      As JeremyW states in his answer, splitting the FSMO roles doesn't have any bearing on the clients if the DC currently holding the FSMO roles is rebooted. Splitting the FSMO roles in your scenario serves no useful purpose.

      See here:

      And here: