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  • #remote desktop out of network blocked

    hy ppl, i have a problem with SERVER2008R2

    when i try to connect with mstsc.exe rdp to my host computer 2008r2 in lan network connected ok!

    if i use out of my network - i try to connect to external ip of internet i get error about -blocked by firewall

    -defined inbound rule in advanced firewall on 3389 TCP.

    cheked the router all ok
    tried to disable MSE protection - still doesnt work

    what else can block my access to remore desktop out of network?

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    Re: #remote desktop out of network blocked

    HI there.

    Is this a work network where the connection is originating from? Many large companies block RDP outgoing.
    Are you sure that the external IP is configured to allow RDP connections?


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      Re: #remote desktop out of network blocked

      Check your routing and NAT translations.
      Any other changes are probably not needed an I would reverse them for now.

      The message, blocked by Firewall, well IMHO it tells you everything you need to now. But show me the error message. Which application is generating this message?
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