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adding server to DFS replication

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  • adding server to DFS replication

    Hi, i currently have two domain controllers A & B, which both are DFS namespace servers as well as replication servers, & the data resides on both servers. all servers are running Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit

    i am looking to decommission serverB but before i do that i have created a new Domain controller server C.

    this server will eventually replace Server B, so im setting up ServerC for DFS as well.

    can anytone advise what i need to do to get this working without losing any data, as server C currently has no data.

    Do i set up replication Server A to Server B & C, Server B to Server A & C and Server C to server A & B and then create my DFS shares once the data is replicated?

    Any suggestions most welcome.


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    Re: adding server to DFS replication

    Hi ,

    Are you having a two different domain controller e.g and or server B is a child domain controller for Server A.


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      Re: adding server to DFS replication

      all DC's are in the same domain
      currently the two existing dc's are alreadt replicating to each other i now want to add the third server.