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Windows 2008r2 & Windows 7 Folder Redirection

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  • Windows 2008r2 & Windows 7 Folder Redirection

    Using Windows 2008r2 with Windows 7 - Transitioning from Novell

    Problem Using Folder Redirection GPO - Redirecting Desktop, Start Menu, Documents, Favorites & Links and the folders appear in the mapped drive as they should, however the end user is able to delete the folder. So the issue is, I create Clair as a brand new user, she logs in for the first time, opens her mapped drive, sees the Desktop, Start Menu, Favorites and Links folders and deletes them and now there is no more sync between the network and the aforementioned folders.

    Windows 2008r2 Settings

    Desktop Properties
    Target Tab
    Setting - Basic - Redirect everyone's folder to the same location
    Target folder location - Create a folder for each user under the root path
    Root Path - \\File1\Users

    Settings Tab
    Unchecked - Grant the user exclusive rights to Desktop
    Checked - Move the contents of the desktop to the new location
    Checked - Also apply redirection policy to Windows 2000....

    Using Folder Redirection, I would like to sync the above folders with the network but not allow the user to delete them. How can I accomplish this?

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    Re: Windows 2008r2 & Windows 7 Folder Redirection

    you could set deny delete permission.... ?
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      Re: Windows 2008r2 & Windows 7 Folder Redirection

      Be very careful with deny delete permissions, making sure files within the folder do not have them, otherwise normal saving becomes very difficult
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        Re: Windows 2008r2 & Windows 7 Folder Redirection

        As an update to this post, here is what I have done

        Redirected Documents to user's home directory - \\File1\Users\
        Redirected Appdata, desktop, start menu, favorites, downloads & links to specific directory - \\File1\Redirect\%username%

        Then I created a drive mapping shortcut with the users name and placed it on their desktop so there is no standard My Documents icon but there is a icon of a house with the users name underneath which points to there home directory. That home directory is empty on first use because I have redirected the appdata..etc folders to another location which they are mapped too but there is no easy shortcut. Using the correct folder permissions and ABE, I am able to restrict the folders.

        In short, the users folders are redirected and they are still able to delete them but if only if they go out of there way to do it, whereas before, the users would open My Documents and say what are all these folders doing here and delete them.

        The above is the best I have come up with but am open to suggestions.

        We only use folder redirection and are not implementing roaming due to the all the issues we had in 2003 with it.