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no connection problem when turn off modem

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  • no connection problem when turn off modem

    while i am connected to internet in server 2008 ,there is no problem and i have my all connection and domain network in connections but as soon as in turn off my modem(alfex) or plug modem cable(lan) there is no connection an i lose my all connections even my domain and so i can not ping my domain even in AD user computer and i had to plug cable and turn on modem. in lan connection it says Unplugged Cable Network.
    please help me ,and thanks in advance for your helping.
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    Re: no connection problem when turn off modem

    You had best describe how your physical network is setup.

    How many network connections are there on the server? How is DNS set up? Switches? Hubs? Routers? Patch Panels?

    Describe it and draw a diagram so we see it.
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