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IIS 7.5 wont work with RRAS

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  • IIS 7.5 wont work with RRAS

    Hello all,
    I currently run Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5 and RRAS. THe issue is when select the interface under general in RRAS and go to properties, there is a checkmark "Enable IP Router Manager" when I uncheck it Im able to ping, tracert and basically access the server from the external ip over the internet but the catch is that internally my connceted devices that use rras to connect to the internet no longer have itnernet access. And the oppsite when the box is checkmarked. Is there a way to still have internet access but access the web server or serevr in general at the same time?

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    Re: IIS 7.5 wont work with RRAS

    Answered my own question. I found that under "NAT" Right click the internet connected interface, go to properties and under "service and ports" you have to open the specific ports based on waht programs your running. In my case 80.