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DNS External\Internal

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  • DNS External\Internal

    i'm using Win server 2008 DNS and i tried to search for a solution for redirecting EXTERNAL domain into INTERNAL machine that provides web services.

    For example:
    i own a registerd domain
    i have internal network with NAT & Firewall
    port 53 forwards from my ISP DNS to my DC whitch is also my DNS server
    i'm using internal domain (eg. my.domain)
    i have a machine that provides web services inside the NAT with intenal IP

    What i want to do is make the web services avilable in the internet (without using special port forwarding (eg.

    I did add a new zone for the external domain and an A record but it didn't work, obviously .
    I tried to capture the packets with Wireshark, what i got is- my computers asks for the domain and the DNS resolves the internal IP, which isn't respond.

    I did find a way doing this the oposite way (redirecting internal to external), aswell for my understanding, normal DNS server isn't able to do this.

    does anyone have a solution for this probelm?

    thanks alot.

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    Re: DNS External\Internal

    Keep internal and external DNS seperate. Have your ISP or domain registrar host the DNS records for the external resources, and keep your internal DNS servers internal only.
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