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Renaming DC using System Properties

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  • Renaming DC using System Properties

    HI Every one.

    I'm new to this forum and Have question to ask.

    I had 3 Dc in my domain. 2 win server 2003 (Say Fs1 and Fs2) and 1 server 2008 R2 (Fs3)Standard Edition.

    company decided to remove one ADC(FS2) running 2003 and rename FS3 As FS2.

    I decommissioned FS2 and its showing as Member server which is good. Problem started when I renamed FS3 (SErver 2008 R2) as FS2 using system properties.

    apparently it's showing FS2 in System properites but in AD Users and computers it's still showing it as FS3 and same thing is in AD sites and services

    I'm getting heaps of errors in AD replication and in DNS (40961,1055,4013,408,404,4015,1224, 1863,14548 etc

    How can I properly rename it or fix these errors ?

    Should I rename it what it was and then demote , change name and then promote as ADC ?

    Help plz

    Thanks in Advance


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    Re: Renaming DC using System Properties

    Have a look here:


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      Re: Renaming DC using System Properties

      Hi Thanks for your Link but I've passed the stage where I would have used this command to rename DC. now in System properties name tab its showing New Name but in AD sites and services and AD users & computers still showing Old name.

      Now When I used Netdom command it won't work it keep failing with error "access denied" msg


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        Re: Renaming DC using System Properties

        Are you running tools as an administrator?


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          Re: Renaming DC using System Properties

          Yes I'm using Run Ad admin to open cmd


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            Re: Renaming DC using System Properties

            There are usually two steps involved in renaming a DC:
            1) Use System Properties or NetDOM to rename the DC.
            2) This should be followed by updating the FRS or DFS replication member object.

            The link i the post earlier allows you to use NetDOM to carry out the first step. For step 2, you need to be a member of Domain Admins to carry out the tasks. For FSR, you can go into Ad Users and Computers; click View and then Advanced features. Right click the FSR node under System and then rename.

            For DFS, go into ADvanced features again and under System/DFSR-GlobalSettings/Domain System Volume/Topology; you will find the msDFSR-Member. Right click and rename.

            You can verify this by running the ADSI Edit and view the msDFSR-MemberReference attribute of the CN-Doman System Volume, . . . This should have the new value of the CN=[NewDomainController Name] that you had renamed earlier.

            Hope that this helps.