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Server 2008 IIS7 HTTPS issue

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  • Server 2008 IIS7 HTTPS issue

    I have inherited a web server (IIS7)

    I was tasked to install an SSL cert on the main site (no problems)

    The Bindings for HTTPS are set at the top level (site 1)
    If I set HTTPS at this level- all lower sites are affected

    I would rather Bind HTTPS to site 2 but not to sites 1,3 or 4

    Q. How do I bind SSL to 1 site and leave the others HTTP ?
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    Re: Server 2008 IIS7 HTTPS issue

    Go into the properties of the specific site that you want to tie the SSL cert to. On the right-hand panel, you will see Bindings. This is where you will need to select https form the drop-down. It will then prompt you for a certificate rather than the usual URL. The URL is picked up form reading the CN field of the SSL cert when you go through the import process. So make sure that the SSL cert's CN field corresponds to the URL that you want to use. With www or without www makes a difference on the site. For example, if you created the cert without the www in the CN field, you will need to have an IIS redirect that auto-redirects users typing the site with the www to without www (hence establishing the SSL state).

    NOTE: Only one specific port is tied to each individual SSL sites that you have on IIS. For example, if you use 443 for site 1 in your bindings, you cannot have another site using port 443 for SSL.


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      Re: Server 2008 IIS7 HTTPS issue

      Here is the issue with that

      Site 1 has the option for Bindings on right hand side

      Other sites do not

      The only "options" they display are

      Edit Permissions
      View Virtual Directories

      Manage Application
      Browse Application
      Browse *.443 (Https)
      Browse *.80 (http)


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        Re: Server 2008 IIS7 HTTPS issue


        Your terminology is off a bit. I'm not being critical, it makes a difference. You have 1 site and multiple applications within that site.

        Sites have bindings and applications use the bindings from their website.

        I suggest creating websites for http and https. Put your applications in those sites as needed.