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    Chaps - I have a challenge! I have some users that have laptops as well as their normal desktop in the office. All users are set for roaming profiles in the normal office environment.

    I am looking for some pointers on the best way to configure the users / laptops via Group Policies to enable them to use the desktop and laptop offline.

    The clients are all running Windows 7 and the domain is Windows 2003/2008.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Laptop & Desktop Users

    What exactly are you looking for? If the users have roaming profiles, then they can already work "offline". The only problem that this presents is changes to the profile made on one machine are not reflected on the other until the user logs in to the other.

    In the interest of cost saving if nothing else, perhaps you could reconsider whether or not it's necessary for the users to have desktops if they also have laptops. You would also then avoid the problem of a user having two machines to keep their profile updated on and greatly reduce the risk of work being lost should a user login to two machines at once.
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      Re: Laptop & Desktop Users

      Thanks for the reply. Some users need both in this instance as they go offsite on consultations etc - some though will work solely from their Laptop but for those that need both I need a solution. I've been working on this issue this morning and believe I'm headed in the right direction - all I need do is WMI Filter on the hardware type (via ChassisType) - if a laptop/notebook don't apply the GPO for folder redirection of the applications folder. (This is why Outlook (cashed on laptops not for Desktops etc) is failing to start when off the local network) Then cache (Offline Files)a local copy of the 'My Documents' folder.