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Networl Policy Server - Truncating usernames?

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  • Networl Policy Server - Truncating usernames?


    I've a 2008 NPS problem I'm hoping someone can assist with.

    The scanrio is thus:

    We get RADIUS requests authenticated on several domain controllers - said requests are proxied by a Telco to us and originate from cisco routers.

    To proxy the requests correctly to our RADIUS NPS Servers, the userid is in the format of [email protected] - the "customer" aspect ensures the RADIUS request is forwarded to us and not some other telco client for authentication. ( This is probably a shared proxy service ).

    To authenticate against active directory we need the string stripped off the UserID

    OR the entire string truncated to just "userid".

    Can this be done in NPS and if so where ?

    Cheers in advance

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    Re: Networl Policy Server - Truncating usernames?

    Ive found the answer.

    Create a Connection Request policy. Under the settings tab, Under "Specifiy a Realm Name" - Select Attribute. In the right hand side window pane select User-Name under the Attribute drop down box. Under rules click Add

    Using regular expressions :

    For Find: (.*)

    For Replace: $1

    To elaborate: The regular expression "$1" string is the (.*) wildcard. In this case, its the username we want to strip out.


    Answer found @ microsoft technet -
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