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Numerous errors in DCDIAG

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  • Numerous errors in DCDIAG

    Back story: Sage MAS200 consultant needed a Active Directory free server to do their thing. I wanted to virtualize the Active directory server for some time anyway and used it as an excuse.

    Physical server: ARBSVR1
    Hyper-V Servers: ARBDC01, ARBDC02

    I installed Hyper-V in Test Server, installed Server 2008 x86. Installed AD role and did the dcpromo, no errors so far, only a FrsEvent error with a SYSVOL replication problem that was corrected after a log clear and a reboot. I then created a second Hyper-V Server 2008 x86 with AD and did dcpromo. So far so good.

    When I ran dcpromo on the original physical server it all went to hell. The Server didn't demote successfully and left a mess in DNS. The roles (RID,FSMO,etc) were assigned to ARBDC02 but ARBDC01 still sees ARVSVR1 as the role holder. Not I get a [email protected] load of errors in DCDIAG, DNS and SYSVOL is not replicating.

    After 1 hour of verifying DNS in both servers and adding the proper entries and removing the ARBSVR1 records I'm still having problems and fresh out of ideas.
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    Any ideas? Oh and thanks, long time lurker and first time poster

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    Re: Numerous errors in DCDIAG

    Links to DC results (too much characters and cant link yet) Copy paste in new tab:


    When trying to access the Schema from ARBDC01 i get "The list of Domain Controllers for domain xxx.local is unavailable because: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

    I'm loged on as the administrator, the list is visible from ARBDC02...

    EDIT 2:

    Added a third DC, transferred all of the roles over to the third DC. While demoting ARBDC01 i got this error:

    Thyere are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper reffering to ARBSVR2 and not the new dc

    Netdom query fsmo reports the correct values on all 3 servers. I would like to demote both arbdc01 and dc02 and just maintain the single new dc
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