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Domain Naming & DNS design Questions

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  • Domain Naming & DNS design Questions

    Building new DataCenter (Windows 2008 R2 DCs)

    2 sites (primary & DR)
    2 forests (Internal & external/DMZ). 1 way trust.
    Hardware Appliances will be used for DNS (dedicated appliances in each zone/site)
    Applications/Web sites will be deployed to host apps/web sites/etc

    Would like some input from the experts:
    1) What are best recommendations for naming internal & external/dmz forests?
    .com and .net or .com and .local for internal? I read there are issues with .local wih Linux/Mac clients.
    2) When would it make sense to use or Just stay with for external/DMZ Forest? Company size will be around 10,000
    3) How to distinguish/separate public DNS names ( in public DNS) and internal DNS (use same namespaces/domain name?). Will appliance be used for external DNS lookups?
    4) How to setup DNS appliances in each zone? Servers in internal forest will have to talk to servers in DMZ/external network and vice versa.

    Any design help & pointers would be appreciated.
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    Re: Domain Naming & DNS design Questions

    personally, I'm a fan of NOT using the same internal and external namespace.

    I'd also use something entirely separate for the DMZ, and maybe even use a random TLD, something like "hades.DMZ"

    So you have server1.hades.dmz and
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