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Time Service problem

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  • Time Service problem


    I have a 2008 server where I have set a GPO to set all Desktop Clients to use 0x1 (I am in the UK)

    I can check on all the clients (XP) and they now point to this tme service. I have noticed however that the time that was a few minutes out (using server previously) now is over 2 hours out. I have set the Daylight Saving to off and this has brought it back to an hour out. I have checked over settings for the GP and all seems as I have done on another domain (which works).

    What could be casuing this issue ?

    What is the 0x1 after the time source e.g,0x1

    Cheers for any help.

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    Re: Time Service problem

    Da Vinci is causing the Gibson to run slowly.

    But, in some seriousness:

    If you're using GPO, that suggests a domain.. why wouldn't you synchronise all the computers in the domain to PDC emulator ?

    You may well get time skew issues..
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      Re: Time Service problem

      If it is a Domain and you have XP clients joined to the Domain, doesn't the Time Server tab disappear because the clients, as tehcamel says, get their time from the DC?
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        Re: Time Service problem

        Get your clients syncing with an internal time source.


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          Re: Time Service problem

          Check out my last post in this thread. It may help.
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