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Help with CA backup Configuration?

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  • Help with CA backup Configuration?


    I thought Petri had a backup forum, but I can not see it. Please move if this is the wronge area.

    Now thats over with, onto the problem.

    We are currently using CA, and its configured and maintained by our MSP, and we are hainvg abit of a disagreement with how CA is configured, and how it could possibly be configured.

    We have 2 Enviroments, a Windows 2003 AD, with the CA installed on our Server 2008 DC, and a 2nd Linux server with the CA client on it. We have 2 HP tape Libarys with Autoloaders.

    We would like to run a backup at 12:15am, but have the tape labled as the Day that was Backed up, not the current day. we have been told that it is not possible for CA to backup to a tape on Thursday, and lable it Wednesday?

    We would also like to know if its possible to "tell" Ca what tape media to use, rather than pointing it to the Autoloader. We are being told that its not possible, and it has to be pointed to the autolaoder.

    I have not used CA much, but have years and years experance with Backup exec, NT backup, Rsync and a ton of other apps, and I can not believe that Ca would be limited in its ability.

    Also, Becuse all the licenses and support packs are with our MSP, we are having problems getting a good answer from CA, and there forums have been no help at all (at lest the public ones I can get access too).

    Thanks for helping me shine some light on this, as I can not believe that CA is so limited, NT backup can at lest name the tapes what you tell it too.

    Good to be back....

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    Re: Help with CA backup Configuration?

    potential workaround:

    Start the backup at 11:55pm.
    Label tape.
    Set a pre-execute program.
    Have the pre-execute program a script, that pauses for 20 minutes.
    Backup runs, on tape labeled wednesday.
    et voila !

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      Re: Help with CA backup Configuration?

      When you say CA do you mean ArcServe that is made by CA? If so you can target media and ArcServe will use/label the tape with whatever you tell it to..


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        Re: Help with CA backup Configuration?

        yup greatly thanks a bunch i had the same problem