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  • Changing Domain Name

    I have started at a new company and theyre running server 2003 sbs and it is having issues and theres alot of stuff that was incorrectly setup in my opinion. The domain is currently called company.local and i have bought a new server that i am putting server 2008 standard r2 on and i want the domain to be called how do i accomplish this?

    I am thinking about just migrating the data over and then demoting the current dc and then dcpromo the new server to pdc with

    any other suggestions?

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    Re: Changing Domain Name

    So you want to give up all the extra features of SBS, particularly Exchange?

    What is the problem with "company.local" -- it is best practice not to use an external domain name
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      Re: Changing Domain Name

      oh I love people who just think "it's done wrong" because they don't necessarily understand the reason behind it.

      Domain.Local has, for a long time, been a recommended microsoft standard.

      Have you ever worked with SBS before? maybe because it's a bit different to a standard OS, this is why you think things are "wrong".
      SBS is a different beast, that needs to be treated differently.

      I don't even know if you can do a swing-migration for SBS to a new domain-name. You definitely can't do a standard ADMT migration, because you can't create a trust from an SBS domain.
      Then there's the concept of giving up all the relevant licences that are included with SBS.

      What's your forward plan for Exchange? Are you just going to leave them with no mail server, or use unlicensed software? because the version that's tied in to SBS, is tied in to SBS. Once you demote that SBS server, you can't use it effectively any more.

      This might seem harsh, but my suggestion would be, if you don't really know and understand (and from your post, it seems maybe you don't) then don't just wildly change things.
      If you need to migrate to a new server, then go to SBS2008. And just leave the domain name the way it is, it hurts nobody.

      My other suggestion would be, rather than trying to upgrade to fix "some issues" - work out what the issues are, and fix them, before you try and upgrade. Otherwise, you're just sticking shiney new wrapping paper on the same old lump of coal.
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