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install user cert in RDS

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  • install user cert in RDS


    I'm looking for a way to install a bank certiificate for a single user in 2008R2 RDS.

    Server is 2008R2 running RDS
    User is using domain pc connects via RDP client. User is member of TS users.

    User needs to install certificate to access financial site. Usually user can go to website of institution click download certificate and it works.

    When in TS Session, user goes to website, but it unable to download cert.

    I tried to export cert from local pc, to no avail.

    PS this has nothing to do with having or not having a local CA.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

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    Re: install user cert in RDS

    In these cases i always call the vendor or in your case the bank institute
    did you try that already.
    if yes, about wich institute are we talking?


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      Re: install user cert in RDS

      why can't they download the certificate when using TS?
      I suspect it may be a permissions issue maybe.
      try viewing and downlading the certificate using your own accuont, or other privileged account.

      Elevate the user (or, run IE in elevated mode)
      Then download the certificate
      Install the certificate in the certificate store, for the USER ACCOUNT, on the TS.
      Should sort it.
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