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FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

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  • FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if anyone can offer any advice i am having with a strange FTP connection problem.

    I have a 2008 r2 server running at one site. This is a backup server and I have a scheduled FTP job setup to transfer backups to another site through a router, over VPN, to an FTP server on another of our sites. All was working on for several weeks and now we are experiencing connection problems with any FTP client from the server (to any FTP server).

    Here's what is happening. I am able to connect filezilla to the FTP server and I retreive the directory listing without any problems. I then start to upload any file and after anywhere between 2-4 minutes the connection/speed seems to drop. The speed then starts to crawl and eventually reconnects. The client then reconnects several times before the FTP server states too many connections.

    I initially thought this was a firewall issues so carried out a couple of checks. I have checked the firewall rules and all are setup as they were with rules to allow for FTP access through the firewall. So far I have ruled out any isses with the FTP server by connecting to the server from the same site as the FTP server - works ok. I was able to connect to the FTP server ok from a desktop between the two sites. This is what I thought was a little odd as from other machines (win7) the FTP client running across the same site works ok going through the firewall.

    I then tried connecting to a second FTP server from one site to another. This didn't work either and indicates an issue with the server. Connecting out to any FTP server (using any FTP client) doesn't seem to want to work. I've disabled the windows firewall on the server but this hasn't made a bit of difference.

    As a long shot ive just been and changed the network cable and switch port.

    Anyone any ideas on how to trouble shoot this further as I'm running out of ideas.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

    Network sniffer to see what is happening?

    We have one network where the router keeps randomly deciding to ignore particular PCs and the solution is to forge the MAC of the NIC on the PC.


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      Re: FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

      Can it be a network connectivity issue? (latency, packet drops).
      Did you try other options like robocopy? It is a free, robust copy and replication software. It tolerates network interuptions and resumes suspended jobs.
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        Re: FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

        Hi All,

        Just an update as we are making a bit of progress. We managed to get wireshark up and running and captured the information. Whilst this worked we struggled to interpret anything useful from the captured packets.

        We tried looking at the patch levels of two win 2008 servers as they were both experiencing the same issues. We patched one of the servers but this still made no difference.

        We managed successfully to get the FTP jobs to run without a problem by setting the NIC on the server (within Windows 2008 ) to 100mb. This works seamlessly now. I have since tried to manually set the switch ports to 1gb and the NIC thinking that it may be an autosensing issue but this failed to work either.

        At least I am getting somewhere at long last and I can try and get my FTP off site replication back up and running again. Anyone any ideas? Could it be related to the new networking stack in win 2008 (Although it works fine on a windows 7 desktop going over a 100mb link).
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          Re: FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

          How long are the cable runs? Are they CAT6 or CAT5?

          How about the drivers and firmware for the NIC - are they up to date? Any chance you can try a completely different NIC in the machines? Alternate switches?

          When you say you patched one of the servers, did that include SP1?


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            Re: FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

            Cable runs are about 2 metres in length. There are two NICs in the machine and I have tried swapping them around.

            I also have discovered the same problems with another 2008 server running as a VM.

            I am going to try and put another NIC in the server this afternoon and give this a try.


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              Re: FTP Client problems from 2008 r2 box

              Seen as it is affecting a few different things then I would be inclined to look at the patch leads or switches. If the patch leads are all the same batch and cat5 then they might not be up to it - but that would normally cause more obvious problems.

              The only other common thing is the switch. Maybe when running as gigabit the servers are producing large packets that the switch is dropping. That would be where the output of a packet capture would come in.

              How intelligent is the switch? Can you do a port replication of one of the servers to a port that your sniffer is plugged into? Does it have any logs that show dropped packets or the like?