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Remote privilege with IIS

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  • Remote privilege with IIS

    I have windows 2008 server with IIS, I want to give person the permission to publish the website and updates..
    I allow the remote desktop for him by user, but i don't know how to give him the privilege to use IIS. i can't give him admin.

    please I need your help

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    Re: Remote privilege with IIS

    what sort of website is it ?
    If it's just a static website, then you merely need to instruct him as to where to put the data.

    IE, make sure he has the relevant permissions to the inetpub (or other) directory.

    If it's a dynamic, or CMS based system, then his permissons need to be applied within the CMS - in this instance, review the manuals and documentation for the CMS.

    Or is it sharepoint ? in which case, see CMS

    See, there's about 40 million ways that you could acheive what you want, but we don't know enough..

    And TBH, even if you came back and said "yes, it's sharepoint, he needs to publish content" I still wouldn't give you step by step instructions. I'd simply tell you to add him to the appropriate sharepoint group, that controls what privileges he has.
    most CMS's are the same.
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