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2008 R2 local access to folders denied

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  • 2008 R2 local access to folders denied

    Server 2008 R2 DC/File server.
    I am setting up a new server, installed shares and folders under Administrator login. My data share E: is a 3 disk RAID5. All good so far, Administrator (user) gets full access. Added Full Control access for Admistrators (group). There are 4 top level folders each with Share permission set as Everyone Full Control and ABE enabled.

    However after adding my own user account (member: Administrators and Domain Admin groups), I logon and get get "E: not accessible, Access denied." This is directly on the server and also by RDP. Disabling ABE made no difference. Tried a new user in Administrators group - same result. Browsing C: system drive is no problem. Typing UNC \\servername in Run, I can see the shares but still no access to the ones on E:

    When I logon at an XP workstation (my own user account) I can access the shared folders without a problem. haha!

    Permissions are set with Administrators (group) having Full Access from the top of E: across all folders. I examined permissions carefully - can find no difference between Administrors group and the Administrator user account.

    Please tell me I am missing something simple here..

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    Re: 2008 R2 local access to folders denied

    It sounds like you've managed to set deny permissions rather than allow permissions - or they're' being inherited from somewhere.

    Can you get some screenshots of the NTFS and share permissions? Also make sure that you have applied the permissions recursively as well so that you're not being blocked that way. There might be something easier to spot than describe.

    What happens if you connect to the share on the server and access the files through that?


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      Re: 2008 R2 local access to folders denied

      Thanks for your reply. Pretty sure there are no "Deny" permissions set - remember, I can access these shares from a network PC, just cannot do it on the server itself. Attached are permissions as requested.
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        Re: 2008 R2 local access to folders denied

        If its not permissions, then it could be a group policy. Try:

        User Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer.

        There are settings in there for preventing access to drives, you might have to use GP modeling or results to figure out which policy may be applying.


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          Re: 2008 R2 local access to folders denied

          Problem solved - solution was to disable UAC on the server (2008 R2).

          Thanks for assistance.


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            Re: 2008 R2 local access to folders denied

            FYI here is an article I wrote which explains EXACTLY why this happens. You can also leave UAC. There are3 solutions at the end of the article

            Access Denied on folders for Administrators
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