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    Hi guys!

    I have just started to learn windows server 2008 R2 and have a simple question in my mind. It is related to FQDN.

    I am hearing that many people create FQDN by ending with .com or .local. But i also believe that we can name anything we want. For example i name it shop.fs.

    My qyestion is, by naming shop.fs, does this name affect anything badly such as name resolutions on DNS etc. in wondows server 2008 r2?

    Thank you

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    Re: About FQDN

    The rule of thumb is do not use root romain names for your internal name space. IE dont use .com etc which are public domain names for your AD name space. This is a good best practice as then DNS can resolve names dynamically as intended by design without the need for split DNS or manual record entry.
    Do note though .shop would be a sub domain of the root .fs. So you would have to call your domain name.fs rather than


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      Re: About FQDN

      thanks for your quick reply.

      actually,what i want to know is i can name it abc.def- anything that i like-and it still works internally right?


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        Re: About FQDN

        You can call it whatever you like. As long as it's not a single name you'll have no issues.


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          Re: About FQDN

          I'm grateful for your response, this question was sticked up my mind and bothered me.

          thanks again.


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            Re: About FQDN

            Stay away from .local if you are going to have any Macs connecting to your network.
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              Re: About FQDN

              i will keep in mind biggles. can i ask you what kind of trouble does that name cause? does it cause domain name resolution problem?


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                Re: About FQDN

                I believe Macs use .local as their default DNS domain unless otherwise specified:
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                  Re: About FQDN

                  Originally posted by revilo
                  Whats FQDN?
                  Fully Qualified Domain Name.