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  • Roaming Profile folders

    Does anyone know if there is an issue having 2 profile folders located on the same volume on a 2008 server?

    I have one called \\servername\Profiles$ (for non head office users)
    I have a second one called \\servername\HQProfiles$ (for head office users only)

    I have gone through numerous articles on how to set permissions correctly and if i point the profile for UserA to \\servername\Profiles$ everything works fine but when i point to \\servername\HQProfiles$ UserA gets an message that profile can not load properly....

    I have checked and re-checked all the persmissions and userA can access the folder and write to it.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Roaming Profile folders

    We have a number of setups using multiple profile folders without issue - however we have one folder for normal profiles and another for TS profiles for example

    \\server\profiles\username - configured in active directory per user
    \\server\tsprofiles\username - configured in group policies for Terminal services

    Are all your profiles configured in the profile tab in Active Directory or have you set up group policies?

    What are the NTFS Security permissions and the Share permissions on both directories/shares?

    Do you have any other policies preventing the likes of roaming profiles being stored locally?

    Have you tried removing the profile path from the user and having only a local profile that logs in and out fine before trying to move it onto the new profile path or are you trying to switch in one go?


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      Re: Roaming Profile folders

      Profiles are all configured in AD, and profile folders are all configured exactly as stated in several Microsoft postings.
      A little further testing has lead to this, apologies if its getting away from original question.
      I have a GPO applied to all Terminal servers that just configures time out settings and a few other computer settings.
      I have a GPO applied to my test user OU that does folder redirection.
      If I RDP to a computer not inside of the Terminal OU then the profile and the profileV2 both get created.
      If I RDP to a computer within the Terminal OU I get a message that the profile could not be loaded and temp profile has been created.
      So my new question is what would cause the profile not to be loaded correctly when RDP to Terminal OU.


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        Re: Roaming Profile folders

        I think something needs clarifying. Are you using Terminal Services which has been installed as a server role or are you simply connecting to PCs via Remote Desktop connections.

        If you are using Terminal Services then the profile settings are configured from a different tab in Active Directory, or from within a Group Policy as follows:

        Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services -> Terminal Server -> Profiles

        If you are using Remote Desktop to a PC then the terminal services tab and policies will not applying and the standard profile tab will.

        You've put some information about different OUs, machines and users but its not 100% clear to me as you switch between TS and RDP, then it seems like you might be referring to a user object as an OU.

        Can you do any GPMC screenshots showing the structure on the left and the settings because there might be something doing something that you don't expect. Also have you checked the event viewer on the affected PCs? That will normally give you some more information as to why it isn't working.