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SharePoint services 3.0 : SMTP Setup Problem

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  • SharePoint services 3.0 : SMTP Setup Problem

    Dear Team,

    I am requesting to you to help me to solve the problems about sharepoint services 3.0.

    I am working with small organisation as a system admin, I am totally new about sharepoint.
    Before few days, I installed sharepoint services 3.0 on my windows server 2003 STD R2 successfully, Bydefault site is also created. I also setup SMTP Server in sharepoint service, but I don't gate any alert or welcome message to my mailbox.
    my mail server is Linux base i.e Qmail, and mail domain is registered as "" and local IP is for mail server and my AD domain is ""

    Q.1 How to configure outbound smtp with My mailserver for alert.?

    Q.2 Can I working on sharepoint services 3.0 only without any sharepoint server license to be purchase for using my company's intranet portal?

    Please reply.

    Kiran Wagh
    System Admin
    sortimat Technology

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    Re: SharePoint services 3.0 : SMTP Setup Problem

    Q1 answer: You will need to enable anonymous access via the mail server's SMTP. The best way would be to specifcially allow the IP address of the SharePoint server to relay through it anonymously.

    Q2 answer: If you stick with WSS 3, as long as you have the appropriate server license and server CALs, you don't need any SharePoint licenses.