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Win 2008 TS Remote App + Excel 2007/2010

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  • Win 2008 TS Remote App + Excel 2007/2010

    I'm having a small issue with our terminal servers using RemoteApp:

    When a user starts Excel 2007/2010 (as a RemoteApp, not a full desktop), opens a document from excel, then opens another one (from the file-open menu within excel),
    both excel windows appears within one icon in the task bar.
    There absolutely no way to tell that multiple excel documents are open, and therefor no way of quickly swapping between them (unless using the window menu within excel).
    Even when hovering above the icon with the mouse, only the "close window" choice appears.

    More so, this problem only appears in Excel. Word, Powerpoint all work fine (multiple icons are displayed when multiple documents are opened from the application).

    I've checked all the settings on Windows itself ("never combine taskbar buttons" is selected) and within Excel too ("show all windows in taskbar" is selected).

    Is this a known issue or limitation in Excel when used with RemoteApp?

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    Re: Win 2008 TS Remote App + Excel 2007/2010

    Nobody ?


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      Re: Win 2008 TS Remote App + Excel 2007/2010

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        Re: Win 2008 TS Remote App + Excel 2007/2010

        Does this answer your question?

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          Re: Win 2008 TS Remote App + Excel 2007/2010

          No sorry. The strange thing is that excel works in a full RDP session for each workbook i get a own window. But when i load excel trough a Remote App each workbook opens in the same excel window.