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Integrate Windows 2008 on SAMBA+LDAP

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  • Integrate Windows 2008 on SAMBA+LDAP

    Hello all.

    I've been managing for years a Linux server with Samba+OpenLDAP running as a PDC. I've no problem with Windows XP Clients.

    Now we're managing to install a new ERP that is running only on SQL Express. For this reason I purchased a Windows 2008 license.

    But the ERP also requires to share a folder where the program by itself create some files. And here is where my problem start.

    My first thought was to include W2K8 into the domain. After some trials, I modified server's registry as documented on Microsoft Technet (I'm sorry but I can't type the URL on this post).
    Perfect. My server is in the domain.
    First problem. When I try to log into the domain with the server's admin account (domain\administrator) I got an error on relationship between the server and the domain. Surprised because the server is into the domain yet.

    Ok. No problem. Lets try to share the drive. On LDAP I created an special group and I assign full access rights to this group on windows share. But on the clients I can't open windows server so I'm not able to see its shares.

    Ok. Lets try another workarround. I moved the drive from the Windows server to Linux server. In this case I'll share the drive by Samba and Windows server will map them as clients will do. But I don't know if server will run with this unit mapped without logging on it.

    As you can suspect, I'm not a windows expert and, as all my clients runs Windows XP, I found lot of answers to my other questions on this portal. But I supose that this one is quite diferent and I haven't been able to locate any solution.

    Are there anyone that could help me? Are there any suggestion other than move to a complete Windows environment?

    Any help will be grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Integrate Windows 2008 on SAMBA+LDAP

    Originally posted by jmgorro View Post
    I got an error on relationship between the server and the domain
    Could you perhaps tell us what this error is?
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      Re: Integrate Windows 2008 on SAMBA+LDAP

      Of course. The error is (translated from spanish):
      "error in the relationship of trust between the workstation and the primary domain".

      Thank you for your interest on my issue.