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  • Master Browser problems

    1. I can't browse the domain from any XP machine on the domain.
    2. 8021 errors in the logs, mostly relating to an incorrectly set up Mac OS X server which was set to be the Master Browser, but is not now.

    Now these two issues might be unrelated; and I am aware there are issues with XPSP3 and Server 2008; but first I would like to set up a Master Browser and stop the error messages.

    Our network does span adjacent subnets. I can never see any of the client machines, even the 30 Windows 7 ones either from the server or a client.

    This situation is preventing me setting up Netop Vision; which needs to be able to browse the network to find computers.

    Thanks for your help - any links to good sources of information (free or otherwise) most appreciated.

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    Re: Master Browser problems

    Can you give us more details about your infrastructure please as the above is somewhat confusing. What server OS are you using on your DCs?
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      Re: Master Browser problems

      Ok - sorry Tom - my apologies. Let me clarify.

      Firstly, my quest is to enable XP clients that are joined to a 2008R2 AD server, browse the network. I need to be able to do this for various reasons - software related issues.

      I have an AD server running 2008 R2. Most of the clients are XPSP3 machines. There are about 16 Windows 7 clients too. I cannot see <any> of these machines, browsing the Network from the server itself. On the XP client machines, I cannot browse the network at all. I get an error message; even when logged in locally as Administrator.
      The network range is from -

      I have installed WINS on the AD server; and it does display records; and next to the record for this AD server, lists it as the Domain Master Browser.

      However, in the Event Viewer I get this error:

      "The browser service was unable to retrieve a list of servers from the browser master \\WEB1 on the network \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{1819DAD5-8522-422C-B3ED-CA80F3C60280}."

      The afore mentioned WEB1 is a Mac server. During set up, someone ticked the box in the SMB server settings, making it the Domain Master Browser. I have un-ticked this setting.

      My only question regarding this error is: does it matter? Because my real quest is to enable the XP clients to be able to browse the Network. So perhaps the fact I cannot see the XP machines from the server doesn't matter.

      If you were running XP clients on a domain controlled by a 2008R2 server, what steps would you try to enable these clients to successfully browse the network?

      Thanks for your patience.