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RD Session Host configuration

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  • RD Session Host configuration

    On one of our R2 servers, in Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration, I can't change the encryption level from FIPS compliant to Client compatible. When I change it, even at the server console, it goes back to FIPS. I have searched through Group Policy too. I think this setting is preventing me from using RDP Lite on my iPhone, which works fine on 2 other servers. Their setting in RDSH config is Negotiate/Client Compatible, which I think is the default. Can anyone suggest how to fix this? I use RDP on site when I'm walking around - it's a life saver actually. Thanks very much.

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    Re: RD Session Host configuration

    you are talking about two other servers where it works,
    what is the operating system on those 2?
    Because i found this text in the discription of your app:
    - We cannot offer Windows 200x access, as it wil require another patent license from Microsoft.




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      Re: RD Session Host configuration

      That's the strange thing. They are ALL Server 2008R2. The one server that won't allow me to connect via the iPhone has had some odd glitches with Remote Desktop.

      Anyway, this isn't an RD Lite forum: My main question is really : why can't I change the connection properties in RD Session host on this one machine? I change it from FIPS compatible to Client Compatible and when I close it; it pops right back to FIPS.