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  • Service "Hanging"

    2008 Server R2
    Has no roles as such
    Basically itís an application server.

    I have a service that runs under and application.
    Unfortunately the service ďHangsĒ now and then. It does not stop.. and from what I can tell so far it does not degrade, but simply stops talking to the Application.
    The problem is that there is no actual alert, just the fact that the files that are parsed by the service donít appear.
    Not I have found an event log after I restart the service.. Which is strange

    <Data>SECURITY VIOLATION: The program's login information has been removed or is invalid</Data>
    Of course I have googled the above and there is very little or nothing that helps.
    The Application support team for this 3rd party software have told me :

    This looks like a script or an administrator has used the function that deletes current logins to the system

    I have checked and I donít think there are any scripts that are doing that or other applications that need to do that on the server.
    Currently Iím trying to match up events, to see if there is a correlation between this service stopping and others starting etc.

    What Iím looking for is some suggestions as where to look for faults or triggers, and basically what other would do to try and diagnose this fault.


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    Re: Service &quot;Hanging&quot;

    What is the application?
    Further Don`t accept answers like that from the support team it is their job to help
    you! i had in the past simular problems with an application.
    For me the solution was to reinstall the app together with the supportteam because the trouble shooting took longer.
    it costed me a day but it worked

    good luck.