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DFS across domains

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  • DFS across domains

    Something I forgot, it only happens if the share is hidden.
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    NTFS Permissions:
    After reviewing the issue. I think I found where the issue might result from: However, still unable to fix the issue:
    Whenever Domain B or Domain C tries to access Domain A Share, I get access denied.
    If I place Domain B or Domain C "domain users" to the Servers Local "Users" group of the server, and then apply the local "users" group to the NTFS Security permission of the share, I am able to access. This is obviously what I do not want to do.

    I want to add the NTFS permissions for a Global Security Group on Domain B or C, to a Domain Local Security Group on Domain A. Where the share is located. Becasue I have Domain A "Domain Local Security Groups" NTFS permissions applied to the share.

    I also noticed, that in Domain B and C, when I do a gpresult I don't see any new Security Groups. It seems it's not getting updated, when you do a GPupdate.

    __________________________________________________ ______________
    DFS across domains:

    I have a windows 2008 server running DFS. Everyone in Domain A, can access the DFS server. Users in Domain B and C can not.

    users in Domain B and C can access the hidden share \\Server\folder\share$
    but get "access denied" when trying to access the DFS target \\Server\Folder\Share(TargetLink)

    Permissions are:
    DFSroots: Share (Domain A = everyone) read\change
    (Domain B & C = Domain users) read\change

    Security: read only "domain users" all domains

    Hidden Share (Domain A = everyone) read\change
    (Domain B & C = Domain users) read\change

    Security: Local Domain Group ( all users in all domains) Read\Change

    Thank you
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