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Strange Networking Share Issue

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  • Strange Networking Share Issue


    I am having trouble with a file server exhibiting strange behavior. Please allow me to explain some of the symptoms.

    The main problem that I see is that users will lose their connection to files while they open from the file server. It is as if they lost their credentials completely to see the shared files, and sometimes it just chooses certain files to no longer share. One second all of the files will be visible and available, the next half or more will be gone from the share folder. The files are still there (and visible for other users), they just are not shown that user.

    I've noticed this with three or more users since making a major move of all the users files (my documents, desktop) to a different machine running Windows Server 2008 from one running 2000 Server. It could be due to the heavy traffic to the box since it has not been stressed like this before. The hardware is more than capable so I am assuming it has to do with a configuration issue.

    I changed out the NIC with a new one just to remove that from my plausible problem list. Since then it does seem to have better performance serving out the majority of files, but I still have the issue with certain users and certain files.

    Has anyone seen anything like this or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot?



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    Re: Strange Networking Share Issue

    Something else that I've noticed is that when this phenomenon occurs, they can only see their own user folder in the redirect volume.

    So if their folder 'User1' resides in \\Server1\Users\

    They will only be able to see their own folder, and no one elses despite the fact that they are shared to everyone. I can alter the permissions to the folder, such as remove their security to access and it doesn't change.


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      Re: Strange Networking Share Issue

      I had noticed this issue in the past a couple of times, and I chalked it up to bad NIC cards in the client PCs. My PC in the office did the same thing, and I swapped out the NIC and it has been a non-issue ever since. Having it happen to a handful of PCs on the same day is more than coincidence. I actually swapped out the NIC on one of them to be sure and the issue persisted.