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Win 2008 R2 single label domain to FQDN

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  • Win 2008 R2 single label domain to FQDN

    Currently have 5 DC's running Windows 2008 R2 (3 machines) and Windows 2003 (2 machines), runs a single label domain name, no child domains. Need to bring them to all win 2008 R2 AD with FQDN, can anyone point me to some good docs and methods.

    Don't want to rename, so would it be easier to create the new domain and trust it to the existing domain xxxxxxxxx. then migrate the users and computers to the new domain and demote and retire the old domain???

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Win 2008 R2 single label domain to FQDN

    Im kinda confuse..
    you said you have 5 DCs in the same forest with a single domain.
    3 Win2k8R2 and 2Win2k3, if that is the case, then make sure you transfer any roles that win2k3 DC are holding to Win2k8 DCs. Once that done, DCpromo win2k3 down.
    Fresh install win2k8R2 on those 2 server and DCpromo backup to your domain.

    I think that's it. unless Im missing something else.