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Network Policy Server (Radius) Logs are huge

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  • Network Policy Server (Radius) Logs are huge

    I'm trying to troubleshoot some users that are trying to authenticate to the Network Policy Server, but it seems like there are sometimes 15 log entries per second in the logs. Is this normal? There doesn't seem to be anything different between them, but it seems awfully redundant. Specifically, I'm trying to determine why a user's account keeps getting locked out. I'm wondering whether or not his device keeps trying to authenticate to our wireless using a wrong password and therefore locking out his AD account. However, when I look at other "normal" users, they also have a LOT of log entries in NPS. If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions that would be great. A nice 1-line entry would be ideal, but perhaps it's not meant to be.

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    Re: Network Policy Server (Radius) Logs are huge

    I have seen that issue before on my network. in my case I have user with spyware on their laptop and it's trying to authenticate to our domain.. it locked them out every 3 secs..