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Slow server performance when doing tasks

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  • Slow server performance when doing tasks

    I have a custom Intel Server with 2008 Server Standard
    Processor: Intel 5504 Xeon 2.00GHZ 4M
    Motherboard: Intel S5520HC
    Memory: 6 GB Kingston DDR3 1333 ECC T/S
    Raid Card: Intel® RAID Controller SRCSATAWB
    Raid Setup : Array 1 - two 500GB Sata Drives Raid 1 (OS and Programs), Array 2 - Three 500GB Drives Raid 5 (Data files only)

    When i open any files or any windows programs the system takes like 30 sec for the program to open. It seems to me like something is not right. I have ran dcdiag all passed. If i take a 2GB file and copy from the data partition to the same partition the transfer rate according to windows is between 20 to 30MB im not sure if that is slow. Also if i try to copy a file from a nas device to the server the data transfer rate is like 6MB the network has a Linksys 10/100 switch.
    I had an issue a while back where 2 HDD from the data array failed (Just My Luck) and i had to redo the data array but i dont see how that could be the issue.
    Is there any tools i can run to make sure the server is running ok.
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    Re: Slow server performance when doing tasks

    wow so i uninstalled Kaspersky AV and now when i open an app it alot faster. But still slow when transfering files over the LAN and when i copy big files from the same partition on the server it went up to about 60 - 70 MB/sec not sure if this is normal.

    Also im reading that there are issues with server 2008 and transfering files over the Lan
    " Copy process is very slow when you copy large files from one computer to another computer in a high-bandwidth network environment if both computers are running either Windows Vista or Windows Sever 2008: "

    most computers on the lan are xp only one vista machine


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      Re: Slow server performance when doing tasks

      If Kaspersky is like another A/V software I have used, they have a LAN scanning option that can be disabled. When Network Scan was enabled a usual 10 to 20 second report from the Server would take about 15 minutes.

      Have you tried disabling IPv6 on the 2008 machine?
      May also be worth a read.

      RAID 6 is an option that helps save things from 2 HDD failures.
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        Re: Slow server performance when doing tasks

        I just removed kaspersky all together. I am using them at another client and have a lot of issues cause there software is too secure. I have a gateway AV and email is being rerouted to As for Raid 6 i wanted to go that way but the cost is higher and with my luck 4 drives will fail at the same time. Thank god for good backups. Since KAV was removed the server seems to respond alot better and bootup time is even faster.

        This client has an old switch that i want to replace. I would like to run tests to see if it is going bad. Would you know how to use performance monitors to check if the Nic on the server is set properly and i dont know if i can use it to check the switch. (Switch is nonmanaged)


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          Re: Slow server performance when doing tasks

          I usually test this using a plain old file copy. The last time I just copied W2K3 SP2 to another box, once with the NIC set at 100\Full and once with the NIC set to Auto. Whichever is the incorrect setting will generally take significantly longer to copy. With SP2 it was a matter of 1-2 minutes vs. 4-5 seconds.