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Windows 2000 Forest with 2008 DC virtulised

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  • Windows 2000 Forest with 2008 DC virtulised

    I have just joined a company that has a windows forest of 2000 and 2008 DC's that are running on Hyper V. The function level of the domain is windows 2003.
    There are no other DC's present, Also there is a mix of 2003 & 2008 member servers running MSSQL & exchange2007

    They are having some intermitent login in issues and DC dropouts (ie one of the servers Fails) thus cauisng everone to be unable to login.

    They also want to run exchange 2010 within this envirenment.

    Question :
    1) In raising the funtion level to 2003 first will there be any problem to over come.
    2) onece raiesed to 2003 and allis well can i then raies it again to 2008 and then raise the domain to 2008 ??
    3) Are there issues in having 2 Virtulised DC's and no STD DC ?
    Note the there are 2 Hyper V boxed running the DC's

    Any thoughts

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    Re: Windows 2000 Forest with 2008 DC virtulised

    You will need to retire all the 2000 DCs before you can raise the FLs to 2003
    Ditto for 2003 DCs for 2008

    In general you need ONE physical DC, to start up first, or else have the DCv's on a non-domain member (otherwise the server will start up and hang looking for a DC to authenticate against)
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      Re: Windows 2000 Forest with 2008 DC virtulised


      1) As you only have 2008 DC's and no other domains that are pre-2003 then no problems raising FFL to 2003
      2) Again as you only have 2008 DC's this should ne no problem, raising the FFL to 2008 will automatically raise the domain to 2008. Make sure you are definiteley not going to have any 2003 domains to deal with in the future (companies merging etc)
      3) You can have DC's on Virtual but can have issues stated in previous post some tips for this kind of config

      - Have your Virtual DC's auto start with the host, so it should be started by when you go to log on.
      -Make sure the Virtual DC's auto shutdown and do not go into a saved state this can cause replication issues (USN rollback)
      -Dont use snapshots as a backup method or restore a DC using snapshots as this can also cause USN rollback. Backup and restore DC's the same way you would backup a physical server.