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deny folder create/ allow file update

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  • deny folder create/ allow file update

    I want to be able to stop users from creating or moving folders. But when I set the deny on create folders then users can save a new file to the folder but can not update an existing file.

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    Re: deny folder create/ allow file update

    I want people to beable to create file and update them, I just don't want any with a couple of exceptions creating folders. Users make such a mess when they can add folders. I hope someone has the answer to this. not looking good.


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      Re: deny folder create/ allow file update

      Give people a chance to reply -- we do not have a SLA here, and if we did it would be longer than 3.5 hours
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        Re: deny folder create/ allow file update

        Sadly, what you are trying is not possible, at lest without a File management system.

        With the File premissions the Create Folder and modifiy are the same, as to modifiy a file, it has to recreate it, and for some reason that we will never know, MS decided that adding to a file is the same process as creating a Folder (as a folder is really just a file type).

        If anyone here wishies to correct me, I wish I am wrong, as this has always been annoying to me.


        PS: If you are going to "Demand" answers so fast, give us more details, like what the current premissions are, what premissions you have actuly tried, and what you need them for. giving us almost no info (as to WHY you want to do this) makes it almost impossible to help you out. The only reason I have any idea what you are trying to get, is that I asked this same question a few months ago.
        As my saying goes, a OP is not a OP without at lest 1 paragraph, not just a line.
        Good to be back....


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          Re: deny folder create/ allow file update

          I apologize if I seemed to be demanding an answer. I have been searching the Microsoft and all over the web to a get answer to this question. When I made the comment that it didnít look good I was referring to the answer I expected to get, not that people where not responding. Thank you for your answer to my question.
          The problem that I have is I am trying to keep the server directories static. This is our customer part data area on the server. It is organized by customer/ part-rev with 8 subfolders under each part-rev that are separated by type of documentation. I have users that decide they want to add folders that donít belong in the file structure. The area then becomes a mess. The server is windows 2008. Trying to police this is a nightmare.
          I had tried to deny subfolder creation in older versions of windows server with the same results, I was hoping that this had changed in 2008. Again thank you for your time and answer.


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            Re: deny folder create/ allow file update


            What is the folder structure.... like folder > sub folder > sub folder

            As per MS when you are playing with permission it advisable to keep the folder to only 3 level.

            I can help you because we have the same setup in our environment

            We have three groups let say modify, read and list (pretty clear by name)

            Inheritance may or may not be broken.

            Let me know if you like this model i will get you the permissions
            Thanks & Regards

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