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Refused remote connection to server

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  • Refused remote connection to server

    I have several servers available remotely, using links from a secure web page which allows tunneling through a firewall. They use an Activex plug-in. One of the severs is not allowing connections via the web browser, but is allowing connections from another server which is. The error message is:

    The remote computer requires than authentication be enabled to connect.
    Remote Computer:
    The connection cannot proceed because authentication is not enabled.

    I haven't changed anything on this computer. All the others connect. I am wondering if a security update has done this. The only settings I have enabled are in System Properties/Remote - which I enabled and set to use less than secure connections. Once I get behind the firewall, I can connect to this computer.

    Before I contact the web portal admin, I am wondering where else I can look. Thanks for your time - it's much appreciated.

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    Re: Refused remote connection to server

    Check the version of MSTSC you are using, make sure it has been upgraded to the new version.

    Older versions of MSTSC can not handle the encrypction that is by default in Windows 7 and 2008.

    Good to be back....


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      Re: Refused remote connection to server

      Thanks for the reply. Problem is, I'm not using mstsc. I'm using a java/activex connection tool from F5 networks, I believe (I don't look after that part) This server is at a public school, so it's completely firewalled. What I do is log into a secure web page; then click on a link to the server. Then the activex plugin takes over. What is strange is that the other servers don't have the problem. How can I check the RD versions on the server itself?


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        Re: Refused remote connection to server

        OK - school holidays are over and I am still stuck on this. I am asking please - where can I look for clues? The short story is that I cannot connect remotely to this server using a web browser and Firepass. However, I can connect through mstsc from another server, through the same web interface. I am prepared to give someone a log/pass to see this. I feel it must be some update; or a group policy change (not by me)? The error message is that "Authentication is not enabled" Yet I have made no changes to any settings. I've looked in the logs and cannot see anything. It must be logged somewhere. Has no one here ever used a web page to connect to a server? Here is the source code of the page, so you can better understand:

        <td valign="top" style="padding:12px 4px 0px 4px;width:100%;"><A HREF="javascript:startFirepass('');" class="titleorimageid37424siteid0">High School Curriculum Server</A><BR><span class="descriptionid37424siteid0">This Server is for performing administration and support activities from home by authorised school staff.<BR>

        Any tips, anything, any clues truly appreciated