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SBS 03 migration confusion

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  • SBS 03 migration confusion


    I am new to forum.

    I am not sure if this is the right area to post my question.

    I have SBS2003 & want to migrate to Windows 2008 R2 (DC - Server2k08 ) & Exchange 2010 Std (Member Server Exch2k10)

    I followed the steps below but I am confused at the data transfer.
    Hope you guys can help me out.

    Setup Windows 2008 R2 (Server2k08 ) as member server to SBS2003 domain
    Promote Server2k08 as DC
    Installed DNS service & point the DNS to Server2k08
    Transfer DHCP service
    Joined the Exchange Server (Exch2k10) to the Server2k08 DC as member server
    Moved mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010
    Transfer all 5 FSMO roles to Server2k08

    I am not sure what method I should follow to transfer user roaming profile passwords, SID & shared data (to preserve all permissions on shared folders) so that I don't have to reconnect the users to the domain again.
    Also does the path of the roaming profiles will change (point) to new server.

    The suggestions which I have come across are:

    Option 1: Windows backup of SBS 2003 data & transfer to new server
    Option 2: Using ADMT v3.2
    Or is there another method available?

    Can you please provide me with a link or instruction set that I can follow to test the process.

    Thanks in anticipation


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