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"Access is Denied" When Mounting Drive as Path

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  • "Access is Denied" When Mounting Drive as Path

    I just added an additional drive to a 2008 Windows Server. I'm trying to mount it in an empty folder on an existing RAID array and keep receiving an "Access is Denied" message.

    The folder is on a volume with 4 shared "root" folders. I can mount it without problem in any of the other 3 shared folders but not in the one I want. I can't see any difference in the permissions. When I try it by command line using DiskPart I also receive a message indicating I should check the system log. However, there are no relevant messages in system log.

    Searching the internet has come up blank.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: "Access is Denied" When Mounting Drive as Path


    If you create a new folder and then try within that then what is the result.

    If permission is same as others then shudn't be an issue however i would suggest verifing it
    use get-acl -path FolderPath powershell command on working and non working folder to dump al lthe permission to check

    If permissions are same you can overwrite existing permission of the parent folder with the one that is working by using following command
    $newAcl = get-acl -path FolderPath
    Set-Acl -path FolderPath -aclObject $newAcl
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      Re: "Access is Denied" When Mounting Drive as Path

      check for locks on the folder as well - you never know, someone somewhere might have a remote map to that folder open, even though it's empty
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