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Black Screen on TS Logon

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  • Black Screen on TS Logon

    OS - Windows Server 2008 Standard, SP2 64 bit
    Active Directory Domain

    When some people are logging on/working with their TS accounts they are getting a black screen instead of their desktop.
    This issue is Intermittent
    There is also some users are getting frozen out during their work they logout and log back in again and it is either fine again or that black screen again

    Only issue in the event log is a lot of Print Spool Warnings (these are mostly just notices though)

    There is no error message

    I am able to get into tskmgr and kill explorer process then restart it manually as auto restart is not working unfortunately this solution is not suitable to our users

    No FDD available is the only Hardware restriction i have

    Server is backed up on a weekly basis

    DNS, IP and Firewall are all good

    There are excessive Print Drivers which were possibly brought over from 2003 migration

    My Question is what you all think this issue is caused by and/or if you have any resources for me to read about it as ive exhausted search button and google is not very helpful with this one

    any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated

    Thank you all in advance
    for the one that solves it for me

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    Re: Black Screen on TS Logon

    Hi, did you had a look at this article from MS?


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      Re: Black Screen on TS Logon

      I missed that one thanks buddy will give it a try and update later