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MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

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  • MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

    There is another thread that touched this, but I didn't want to hijack the thread.

    My company currently uses Windows XP Pro / Windows server 2003 / exchange 2003 / office 2003 / etc etc.

    I am looking to move my network to Windows server 2008 / Office 2010 / etc and it looks like the MAPs kit is too good to pass up.

    Assuming my company qualifies for the products is there any reason I would not want to do this?

    If appears the licenses are valid as long as we pay the yearly subscriptions and regular CALs can be added to them.


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    Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

    You're on the money. The only requirements are that you are at least a Registered Partner, That you pass a MAPS subscription assessment specific to the subscription edition you choose, and that you pay for the MAPS subscription.

    MAPS products and licenses can be used in your production environment to run your business. If you exceed the number of licenses allowed via MAPS you can purchase additional licenses via whichever method you choose; volume license, retail, etc.


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      Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

      There was a big stink a couple of years ago about techs getting their commercial client s to purchase a MAPS pack so they could get a cheap set of software (hence those silly exams you were supposed to sit and pass every 2 years to qualify for MAPS). MAPS and TechNet are to my understanding for the use and education of IT companies only. There is a lot of bang for your buck with a MAPS set of disks.

      Hobie, you didn't mention if your company is an IT one or a run of the mill company that requires the usual IT support weenies.
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        Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

        While I consider myself a tech weenie (so much to learn) we are a management company that has changed to be an IT company in the last 3 years.

        We basically run the backoffice for doctors (Citrix, Exchange, Web Design, Hosting, PBX systems, Medical Records, etc).

        I applied for the Developer pack as our latest venture is creating an Electronic Medical Record system which we sell to outside organizations as their own or we host it for them.

        The whole thing is such a large grey area and almost anyone could qualify for it.



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          Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

          Maybe you should have a look here:


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            Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

            To qualify to subscribe to Action Pack Development and Design, your organization must be enrolled as a Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Network. If you are not a member, enroll now.

            Your business may qualify for Microsoft Partner Network membership if it falls into one of the following categories and sells more than 75 percent of its products and services to customers outside your company:

            IT consulting services provider
            Independent hardware vendor (IHV)
            Independent software vendor (ISV)
            Large account reseller (LAR)
            Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
            Software support provider
            System builder
            Systems integrator
            Software training provider
            Value-added IT provider (VAP)
            Value-added reseller (VAR)
            Web designer
            Web marketing agency
            Software hoster


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              Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

              As far as I know, as long as your company satisfies the criteria to become a Registered Partner, they are perfectly entitled to buy the MAPS product.
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                Re: MAPs Pack question (Licenses)

                Originally posted by Hobie
                While I consider myself a tech weenie (so much to learn)
                Hobie, the above quote describes 99.999% of all us who install/fix software issues.
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