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2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

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  • 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I look forward to talking with you guys.

    I have a 2000 DC that we are replacing with a new 2008 DC. I am not upgrading the 2000 server I am replacing it. After I promote the 2008 box to DC will it migrate the users and user rights? Any suggestion on this matter would be great.


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    Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

    once you promote the 2008 server into the domain as a DC., yes, it will replicate all the relevant domain information.

    However, if this Server 2000 computer holds all the master roles (FSMO) you will need to ensure you transfer them before you shut down the old server

    also make sure the the DHCP scope is configured to point to the new server correctly for DNS (and that you migrate the dhcp scope, this won't happen automatically)

    It's hard for me to tell you much more, without knowing fully what your environment is like, and what your aims are.
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      Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

      I have this 2000 box with another 2003 member server running sql. Single forest. This server does hold all master roles.

      Would the admt transfer these roles?


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        Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

        ADMT isn't what you want mate.

        ADMT Is for migrating one domain to a new domain. you're simply adding a new domain controller.

        Look up "Transfer FSMO Roles" - i'm almost suer there'd be a knowledge base on the petri site somewhere that explains this in more detail
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          Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

          Demoting will transfer the roles for you anyway.

          Manual approach:

          The only consern will be you need to upgrade the schema before promoting the Windows 2008 to a DC. It will tell you this anyway during the promotion.
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            Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

            I was about to say no you're wrong, but did some research first - turns out you're right - if it's holding the fsmo roles - it iwll transfer them to something close

            so thanks

            it's still rcommended though I think, to move them manually
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              Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

              Any demotion of a fsmo holder has to transfer them -- if you only have one other DC, thats no problem, but if you have more than one it's anyones guess where they will go to, hence move them manually first.
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                Re: 2000 dc ---> 2008 dc????

                Yes, if you keeping the same DNS name and Domain name then rights will be the same as before.

                As for the FSMO roles, you can transfer them using the AD management consoles:
                AD Users and Computers - PDC, Infrastructure, RID master
                AD Schema - schema master role
                AD Trusts and domain - Domain naming role

                You can also use the NTDSUtil tool from the command line to transfer roles.